Chinese Dictionary

Chinese DictionaryA Chinese dictionary can be considered a word lexicon that lists information about the words found in this language lexicography. There is evidence that such compendiums date back as far as the eastern Zhou Dynasty, which has existed from about 2,000 years ago. The original Chinese dictionary were essentially primers for students of the period to learn from. As for contemporary times, there are hundreds of variations and types of When it comes to China dictionaries, there are two forms: written and spoken. There are versions for the words and phrases themselves, as well as versions for the logo graphs of the language. Check also the Chinese writing.

Best Chinese Dictionary

The leading Chinese dictionary is known as the Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary, which has been published by the Oxford University Press. It is small, lightweight, and most importantly, comprehensive. The number of phrases and words covered in this edition exceeds a staggering 90,000. Everything is covered here, including colloquialisms and slang terms. It is a bilingual dictionary, making it a perfect reference point for not only the Chinese language, but the process of Chinese translation as well. There is nary a finer dictionary than this one, with features such as a supplement for communication involving all forms of correspondence, and Mandarin pronunciations provided in Pinyin. There is a section on culture to learn everything about the local people, their living environment, landmarks, and their countries, giving the reader perspective.

How to Buy a Chinese Dictionary

As with any form of lexicon, these can be purchased from anywhere. Check around a library or a local book store. Your local major supermarket will probably carry them as well. If all else fails, or you just want to save the trouble, one can be sought from several online marketplaces, even one for books – for example, Barnes & Noble. The popular or is sure to have these in stock. When you do purchase one though, make sure that it is the most updated version you can find. Often, each version contains added words, references, and other pertinent information that the learner or translator may find appealing. Apart from that, verify the authenticity.

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